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User Guide

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User Guide -

Will be written for users, how they should use the tool and things they should know (it's has very limited sections but if you guys want to help out with it we'll have a user guide with more coverage soon :)

Release Notes -

This will be a list of things done and released for the month

API Documentaion -

is something we can/will releaese for other software to integrate with us :)

Quick Start User Guide

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If you prefer watching a video:

Hi and welcome to Talkpush.
In this tutorial, we're going to show you how you can use Talkpush, to recruit faster and better than ever before!

1. Basics

Account Login

We have just created a new account for you.
Please log in now by following these steps.

  1. Open your Chrome Browser. (Talkpush is currently not compatible with other browsers.)
  2. Go to
  3. Username: your email address
  4. Password: see email from your Talkpush Account Manager with your password.

Initial Setup

  1. Create New Manager Account

  2. Guest Accounts allow you to share candidate profiles with people outside of the organization. You can remove their access rights here at any time.

  3. Logging in with individual personal user account allows you to monitor who graded each candidate.

2. Setting up

Campaign Creation and Setup

  1. Click on “Campaigns” to get a list of all campaigns

  2. Click on "+Add Campaign" to create a new campaign

  1. Fill in the campaign details
  1. Hit "Save".

Activating Auto Call

  1. Check the "Auto Call" option checkbox when filling in campaign details (step 3 above)

  2. Hit "Save".

Notification Preference Setup

Candidates Notifications

Most Notifications goes out to the candidates. There are a total of 4 types of notifications that can be sent via Email and/or SMS, making a total of 8 different messages that are editable by you, as a recruiter.

To edit the template of these Emails and SMSes

  1. Click on "More Settings" to access Campaign Settings when you're in a campaign

  2. Select the type of message you'd like to edit (Invitation is the default)

  3. Choose whether you'd like this message to be sent automatically
    (Invitation and Completion messages only, Shortlisted and Rejection messages cannot be automatic)
    Invitation Email:

    Invitation SMS:

  4. Edit the contents
    Invitation Email:

    Invitation SMS:

    Check the SMS preview to see how SMSes will be chunked if the candidate's mobile device does not support SMS concatenation

  5. Hit "Save"

  6. Repeat for Completion, Shortlisted and Rejection messages.

Recruiters Notifications - with the Shared Profile Link

You can opt to receive an automatic Email notification with a link to the candidate's shared profile as soon as they have completed their interview. This is by far the easiest way to stay on top of all the candidates you have to monitor!

Here's how the Email Notification looks:

To Enable this awesome feature:

  1. Click on "More Settings" to access Campaign Settings when you're in a campaign

  2. Click on the "Interview Completion" tab

  3. Scroll down to the "Auto Shared Profiles" section and check the checkbox

  4. Type in the recipient's email address, comma separated

  5. Hit "Save"

Interview Questions setup

Once you're done with the notification setup, it's time to add some questions to your campaign.
To access the Interview Questions uploader:

  1. Click on "Manage Questions"
    Screenshot 2016-01-08 16.15.56.png

  2. Type in the 1st question's text
    Screenshot 2016-01-08 17.29.51 copy 2.png
    you can find a list of useful questions here, courtesy of Talkpush:

  3. Upload the audio file
    Screenshot 2016-01-08 17.29.51 copy 3.png
    you can find a list of useful questions here, courtesy of Talkpush:

  4. Add more questions
    Screenshot 2016-01-08 17.32.38 copy 2.png

  5. Hit "Save Changes" once you're done
    Screenshot 2016-01-08 17.33.55 copy.png

3. Candidates Interaction

Adding Candidates

Screenshot 2016-01-08 16.17.40 copy 2.png

Contacting Candidates

Reviewing Candidates

Processing Candidates

Sharing Candidates

Candidates are shared as a profile that looks like this:
Screenshot 2016-01-08 16.38.07.png

To share a candidate

If you've enabled auto shared profiles in campaign settings, all completed candidates in your inbox will already have a shared profile created. Scroll down to the next section to find out how you can view a list of previously shared candidates and the link to their profile.

  1. Select the candidate(s) you wish to share
    Screenshot 2016-01-08 16.49.24.png

  2. Click on the "Share" button
    Y9jWUn0QmjNL6h6RmNjg_Screenshot 2016-01-08 17.02.57.png

  3. Select/unselect the information you choose to share or choose not to and click "Generate Links"
    Screenshot 2016-01-08 17.08.50.png

  4. Review a list of links generated and copy the oens you need
    Screenshot 2016-01-08 17.09.16.png

To view a list of previously shared candidates and their shared profile link:

  1. Click on "Shared Profiles"
    Screenshot 2016-01-08 16.17.40.png

  2. To access the details of these shared profiles
    Screenshot 2016-01-08 16.44.08.png
    Links expire 1 month after creation

  3. Click on the "copy" button next to the links of each shared profile to get its link
    Screenshot 2016-01-08 16.44.08.png

Exporting Data

To export all candidate information within a campaign:

  1. Click on the "Export" button
    Screenshot 2016-01-08 16.17.40 copy 3.png

  2. Review the Excel file downloaded

My Account

Confirming your Account

To start using Talkpush, setting up campaigns and viewing candidates in existing campaigns, you'll need to confirm you account. Once your manager creates your account, Talkpush will send you an email to confirm the account:

confirm your account
simply click on "Confirm your account" to begin the journey.

Editing your Account information (User Profile & Signature)

Once confirmed, you'll be logged into your account for the very first time.
The first thing you shuold do is to setup you account properly.

The reason why Talkpush requires you to put your contact details is because we use them to compile your Email signature just like this:
Email Signature

To access "My Account" and edit your details, click on your email address on the top right corner of your screen:
access my account

Once you're in, you should see a form on the left and preview panel on the right. Start entering your contact details and check out your Email signature as it gets updated. Remember to click save on the bottom right of the screen.
edit details

Appending Email Signature to Emails

Once setup is done, Email signatures will AUTOMATICALLY be appended to shortlisted emails you sent to your candidates. Having an email signature at the bottom of any communication gives a personal touch to the recipient as well as the urge for them to take action after reading it. With a signature, it'll also give the users a way to contact you in case they have any questions.

Email Templates & Tokens

When a campaign is created, it comes with a set of default email and sms templates. If they fit your needs, you can leave them as it is. If you'd like to tailor your candidate's experience, you may choose to edit the templates and or disable them as appropriate.

Since the Emails that goes out from Talkpush is in a nice html format, we offer an html editor within our tool. Before we discuss about how to properly migrate/copy html code if you're looking to edit the layout of the emails, let's discuss about the content itself.

Campaign Editable (listing default below)

Here are the 4 emails that Talkpush sents to candidates on your behalf. To edit them, you can


The default invitation template as shown below invites the candidate to complete the the interview by clicking on the "interview me now" green button which brings the candidate to a "Webdialout page" where they can initiate a call to their phone.

Screenshot 2016-10-06 11.17.16.png

The green button itself is a token with a pretty UI. However, if you'd like to have your users comeplete the interview through a different routing, you may make use of the following Tokens or links

  1. Regular Web Dial-out Link:

    <%= @call_me_link: %>
  2. Web Dial-out link with Pretty UI [Default]:

    <%= @call_me_button %>
  3. Android Application Play Store Link:

  4. Regular Dialout Hotline [only if available for country]:

    <%= @full_phone_number %>
  5. PIN code:

    <%= @access_code: %>

In the completion email, we've included a link to the candidate's shared profile by default at the bottom.
If you'd like to make it much more prominent, feel free the use the token:

<%= @share_link_url %>

Screenshot 2016-10-06 11.56.20.png


We strongly recommend that you include your contact information as well as instructions on the candidate's next step.
To utilize the personalized Email Signature created by Talkpush for you, fill out your details in your account profile.


(See for more instructions to get a nice email sigature)


Email Tokens Available

Available @ Token Description
All Email templates <%= @candidate_name %>
Shortlisted Email <%= @company %> The name of the company registered in our system
Invitation Email <%= @full_phone_number %> The hotline number for the region this campaign is in.
Invitation Email <%= @access_code: %> 6 digit PIN
Invitation Email <%= @call_me_link: %> Link to the Web Dialout page, phone number input available if not already in the system
Invitation Email <%= @call_me_button %> Same as the call_me_link but with a UI
Invitation Email <%= @referee %> Name of the person referring the candidate
Completion Email <%= @share_link_url %> a link to the candidate's shared profile

System Wide Emails (not accessible via the UI)

New User Sign-up

- New User signup

Forgot Password

- Password Reset

Auto Share Email Notification to Recruiters

- Auto Shared Candidate Profile Preview
- Link to Candidate Sharable Profile

Editing Email Templates

How to properly copy Email Templates

To copy Email templates from one campaign to another, it's best not to fully rely on your regular "copy and paste" commands as the formats may not carry over properly.

Here's how you should do it

  1. Navigate to the Email Template you'd like to copy from
  1. Switch over to HTML edit mode
  1. Copy all code content
  1. Paste the code into the destination campaign

For the Invitation Email, you can always just reset the template to get the most updated version like this:
Reset Invitation Email

SMS Templates & Tokens

Campaign Editable (listing default below)


- Hi <%= @candidate_name %>. Thanks for applying at <%= @company %>! To start your automated phone interview just click here <%= @webdialout_skip_confirmation %> You will receive a call back 100% TOLL FREE! You just need a data connection to click on the link. Thanks!
- Bonjour <%= @candidate_name%>, merci pour votre candidature à Webhelp. Veuillez cliquer sur ce lien:<%= @webdialout_skip_confirmation %> afin de démarrer un appel téléphonique. Nous vous poserons quelques questions pour mieux vous connaitre. Merci!


- Thank you for completing your interview. Our recruitment team will review your submission very soon and get back to you.
- Merci d'avoir passé votre entretien téléphonique. Notre équipe de recrutement va examiner votre candidature et vous répondre dans les prochains jours.





SMS Tokens Available

Available @ Token Description
All SMS templates <%= @candidate_name %> First name of candidate
Invitation SMS <%= @company %> The name of the company registered in our system (also the SMS Sender ID)
Invitation SMS <%= @full_phone_number %> The hotline number for the region this campaign is in.
Invitation SMS <%= @access_code %> 6 digit PIN
Invitation SMS <%= @webdialout %> Link to the Web Dialout page, phone number input available if not already in the database.
Invitation SMS <%= @webdialout_skip_confirmation %> Clicking the link will initiate a call to the number in the db immediately.

System Wide (not accessible via the UI)

We missed you
(Sent if a call did not get through or when it was interrupted)

- We tried calling but didn't get through . To complete your phone interview with #{}, please click on this link <%= @webdialout_skip_confirmation %> to initiate a call back. Thank you!
- Nous avons perdu la connexion téléphonique. Veuillez nous rappeller à ce numéro #{} et authentifiez-vous avec ce code d'accès: <%= @access_code %>
- 我们的通话已中断了!请拨打: #{} 并输入您的密码: <%= @access_code %> 与继续完成电话面试。
- 閣下的電話初試已中斷了,請撥打#{}並輸入您的密碼<%= @access_code %>以繼續完成電話初試。
- โทรกลับ #{} รหัสผ่ <%= @access_code %> เพื่อสัมพ
- Silakan hubungi kembali #{} Login dengan <%= @access_code %> untuk menyelesaikan wawancara Anda. Terima kasih.

(Sent 4-6 hours after the initial invitation if Autocall is turned on)
- Hi <%= @candidate_name %>. We are still waiting for your call. If you are experiencing difficulties with the autocall, you may also call <%= @full_phone_number %> and type in your PIN <%= @access_code %> to start the interview. Thanks!
- 感謝#{@candidate_name}登記了澳門喜來登及澳門瑞吉酒店的電話初試,由於我們没有收到你的答覆,如果你對自動回電的功能感到任何疑惑,你可以直接撥打#{@full_phone_number}和輸入密碼#{@access_code}來開始電話初試。謝謝!

Interview Creator

Back to [[Ultimate User Guide|Guides/2 Ultimate User Guide]]

The Interview Creator is an improvement to the ‘Manage Questions’ feature. Now, Talkpush users can personalize interview prompts and interview questions easily with the new interface. Doing so will allow users to:
(a) improve candidate experience,
(b) increase interview participation, and
(c) ensure good call quality.

The Interview Creator highlights two key features.

(1) Customizable Opening and Ending prompts

In the old version, the opening and ending prompts (recorded spiels heard at the beginning and ending of every Talkpush interview) are generic across the region, and can neither be changed nor personalized.

In the new Interview Creator, we’ve expanded the opening prompt into three parts: a greeting, a privacy statement, and final instructions for candidates before it goes to the actual interview. These prompts are important as it sets the tone of the interview and manages the candidate’s expectations.

For your convenience, we’ve already recorded default opening prompts and these will be automatically populated based on the campaign’s default language. As such, if you're setting up a campaign in the Philippines that has English as a default language, then all of the prompts will be pre-populated with the default English audio files. You may choose to use these generic spiels or you may personalize the prompt by uploading your own.

Similar with the opening prompt, you may use the default closing prompt or you may record your own and upload it into the Interview Creator.

(2) Question Builder

The new Interview Creator now allows you to easily search by keyword, by category or by language (as our question bank builds up) to maximize the use of the question bank that would otherwise take much longer to scroll through. Doing so will allow you to easily access over 200 profesionally recorded questions which you can freely choose from and include in your interview.

Selecting a question is as easy as dragging it from the left panel (question bank) and dropping it into the right panel. You can pick as many as you wish to populate your interview, although we would still recommend that you keep it as short as possible to make it engaging and fun.

Similar to prompts, you can upload and use your own question. Doing so will save your personalized question in the question bank and you can browse and use it again in the future. For your privacy, your personalized question will only be available in your account.

Setting it up

If you wish to compile an interview quickly without going through the trouble recording any personalized questions, you can select the default prompts (1, 2, 3, 5) and choose questions from our questions banks!

Accessing the Interview creator

  1. Create a New Campaign - Getting started from scratch
    Screenshot 2016-03-07 17.16.15.png

  2. Modifying Campaigns (before it's finalized) - Manage Questions
    Screenshot 2016-03-07 18.27.42.png

Setting up the Opening Prompts

This is the first screen you will see:

Screenshot 2016-03-07 18.30.06.png
To use the default prompts, simply confirm to use these 3 prompts by clicking "Next" to move to the questions' section!

If you wish to change them, click on "Upload your own" and you'll be greeted by this screen:
Screenshot 2016-03-07 18.43.24.png
Click on "Select File" and navigate within your computer to find the right audio file for this.

It's best practice that you type out the full script of this question to allow for easier searching in the future in the text field for "prompt".

Hit "Save" when you're ready to move to the questions' section

Setting up the Questions

Finding the right question

You can search by keyword, by category or by language (as our question bank builds up) to maximize the use of our question bank filled with questions that would otherwise take much longer to scroll through

Selecting the question of desire

So select a question for use, simply drag and drop any question you like over to the right panel until they show up there. Pick as many as you wish, to populate your interview. We recommend that you keep it as short as possible to make it engaging and fun.
Screenshot 2016-03-07 18.47.01.png

Uploading your own Question

Follow the instructions for uploading a prompt above

Setting up the Closing Prompts

Similar to the opening prompts and the questions, you may use the default or upload your own which you should be familiar by now. Here's how it looks:

Screenshot 2016-03-07 18.52.22.png

Remember to hit "Save" when you're done to populate the interview!

Here's a little flow chart for you to understand how everything fits together. Don't worry if you're not interested in knowing it all.
Talkpush General Flow Chart March2016.jpg

Email and SMS behaviours





Call behaviours

Auto Call

Auto Call can be turned on per campaign as long as the company is entitled to the feature.
With Auto call turned on, candidates will be call by the system without their instruction to increase response rate, as soon as they apply to the job. This will ensure we entertain the candidates as soon as we should - at the time they express interest to the job opening.

On a Regular Campaign

  1. Automatically calls the candidate when they apply

    • If the call doesn't get through (did not reach canddiate - telecom issue) --> Call them again when we receive the error
    • If the call gets throught (reaches the candidate) --> check in 5-10 minutes if they've completed the interview --> call them again if they haven't
    • Repease the call back check above
  2. Send a we missed you SMS if the candidate didn't pickup the last call to ensure they know how to initiate the call themselves at a later time

On a Campaign connected to the Microsite

  1. Talkpuh will only call candidates if they click on the button "interview me now" or "call me now" on the microsite after they've submitted their application.

Without Auto Call

  1. Without Auto Call, candidates will only be sent the

Candidate Data stored @Talkpush

System Data

1. Manually Entered

Entered by User (Recruiters) Manually

Entered by Candidate

Via Microsites
Via Landing Pages

2. Parsed

Parsed by Talkpush

Extracted from CSV

Parsed by Daxtra


Found by FullContact

Candidate Profile (Master VS Shared)

1. Master

Each Candidates has a profile created by Talkpush for them. As a recruiter yourself, when you're logged-in on Talkpush's platform, you'll be accessing the Master Profile of each candidate.

2. Shared Profile = subset of Master

The shared Profile is actually a selective subset of the Master Profile, which can be sent to the hiring manager for their review when you're ready.
To share a profile,

  1. click share when viewing a profile (or select multiple profile and click share)
  2. Decide on what to share (remove unwanted sections)
  3. Select an existing Hiring Manager or type in their email address to create a new hiring manager account for them

Content Displayed

Basic Data


Link to additional Action (Icons)

Work History (Multiple Block)

Education (Multiple Block)

Audio Responses *(1 Question/ Block)

Social Media Profile Link

Adding Candidates

There are many ways where a candidate will end up in a Talkpush campaign and here are a couple to begin with!

1. Adding Candidates yourself

1.1 Maunal Addition

Manually type in candidate detail(s)

1.2 CSV Import

  1. Set up a CSV file with the following columns
First Name Last Name Email Country Code Phone Number Referee
  1. Click on Add Participants
    Screenshot 2016-02-02 14.13.36.png
  1. Switch to Import CSV
    Screenshot 2016-02-02 14.19.48.png

  2. Click on Batch Import & select the CSV file prepared
    Screenshot 2016-02-02 14.25.16.png

  3. Click upload
    Screenshot 2016-02-02 14.25.16.png

  4. See Candidate uploaded to the "Pending folder with details indicated on the CSV file
    (Importing is limited to 100 Candidate per file to ensure Candidates will be calls within a reasonable time frame from the import)

  5. Details not shown on candidate row in the UI will be stored and shown when you click on the small gray triangle for more details.
    Screenshot 2016-02-02 14.37.46.png

Using the Referee Token

The information saved from the import in the referee field can be useds inside an invitation Email or SMS. To use them, follow the steps below:

  1. [[Start a brand new campaign|Guides/Ultimate/Start a new campaign]]
  2. [[Edit the campaign's Invitation Email & SMS template|Guides/Ultimate/Edit Email & SMS templates]] to insert the referee token <%= @referee %> with the template (SAVE)
  3. Follow the above steps - Importing Candidates
  4. Candidates referred will be sent an invitation Email and SMS as soon as they've been imported, with their referee's name displayed.
    <%= @referee %>

2. Adding Candidates via different integrations

Once this is setup, your candidates can apply by filling out a google form where their information goes into a google sheet that is parsed by Talkpush.

2.1 Goggle Form/Sheet integration Parsed by Talkpush

Google stores every response to a Google Form and they can be loaded on to a Google Sheet for easy access. If you provide Talkpush with the access to your google spreadsheet, we'll be able to parse data listed there and import them as a candidate.

  1. Put up a google form for potential candidates to signup
  2. Sign ups appear in the google spreadsheet Talkpush has access to
  3. Talkpush parses the candidate as they signup
  4. Candidate gets invited to their Talkpush interview as soon as they signup on the google form!

Read further below to find out how to set this up:

2.2 Inbound Resume Attachments Parsed

With not extra setup, Talkpush receives any incoming email to the specified address for each campaign and parses them by looking for an attachment file that's a resume. If there's not attachment, the body of the email will be parsed.

Data that can be parsed includes [list of available attributes]

2.3 JobCast Integration

Talkpush is capable of parsing the email notifcations sent to the inbound email address with a fixed format by Jobcast.

Fields we are able to parse:

Field Format Note
Name [First_Name Last_Name] (concatenated fields)
Email []
Phone 09152178743
Location [City, Province/State, Country] (concatendated fields)
Cover Letter [-----] However, inbound email is now displayed under the message history, recruiters can see the original content of the inbound email]
Attachment CV file [will be uploaded not parsed]

Setting up the JobCast posting

Fields you can use on jobcast
|First Name|Will be concatenated to
|Last Name|Will be concatenated to --> Name
|Country| Will be concatenated to -- Location
|Province/State|Will be concatenated to -- Location
|City|Will be concatenated to -- Location

2.4 Jobstreet Integration

Paste the Talkpush generated inbound email for the campaign into the email notification field of the jobboard's

2.5 Microsite/Landing Pages

Contact us for a microsite/ job landing pages created just for your team!

2.6 Career Site Integration

Refer to our API Documentaiton to find out how you can integrate your existing career website to see some immediate improvement in response rate!

2.7 ERP Integration

2.8 Social Media Advertising

2.9 Inbound SMS (SMS Add Candidate)

Talkpush is able to parse incoming SMSes as long as they're sent to a dedicated hotline setup for your account and it comes in the correct format.

Facebook Bot Integration with Talkpush

Talkpush will now integrate with your Facebook page's message portal, chat with your potential candidates, setup with up for an interview schedule, interview them for you and provide you with a final profile for your review! Read on below to find out more about it.

How does the Facebook Bot work?

The Facebook bot is an automated agent capable of communicating with visitors on your Facebook Page. The bot will be able to take information from your visitors through the chat and finally insertting those information into your Talkpush account once your potential candidate has expressed interest to enquire about your job openings.

Here's how it works:

  1. You'll have to drive traffic to your Facebook Page and get your visitors (potential candidates) to click on message to initiate a conversation
  2. Once the conversation panel opens up, they'll have to express interest by clicking on "Get Started" to activate the bot
  3. From here on, the bot takes care of everything by going through a couple questions with the candidate s to get them through the job application process, as well as the interview process. Click onto the link below to see a live conversation between a potential candidate with the bot!

Or checkout some of the screencast below:

How can I apply for access to the Facebook Bot?

If you're interested in getting started with this setup, contact your account manager or email us at if you don't already have a subscription with us! All we'll need is a Facebook Page (If you don't already have one we can help you get it setup as well) publically advertised to drive some traffic to it and your candidates will be on their way to an interview in minutes, without any human intervention!

How can I integrate Facebook Bot with my Facebook Page & Talkpush Account?

Once your Talkpush account has been activated to use Facebook Bot, you'll be able to integrate each and every campaign to allow application via the Facebook Bot simply by following the steps below:

  1. Enter the campaign you wish to integrate with Facebook Bot (Enable Facebook Bot application)
  2. Click into "Add Candidates"
  3. and navigate to the Integration's tab
  4. Scroll down the the Facebook Bot section and enable the selection
    Screenshot 2016-09-23 10.40.42.png
  5. Make sure to update/edit the campaign title to what you wish the Bot to display it in the list of "Available Job Openings"
    This is how it will appear in the Bot:

Facebook Lead Ad Integration

Talkpush's Facebook Lead Ad integration allows you to connect your Facebook Lead Ads application directly to it's incoming candidate flow. To find out how this can be done, read along.

Understanding the relationship between Talkpush and a Facebook Lead Ad

Here's how it works, as a Talkpush user, your company account is entitled to be integrated with 1 Facebook page. Once the Facebook Page & your Talkpush account is linked, you may then create some Facebook Lead Ads, provide Talkpush with your Lead Ad's ID, so we can process your Leads and capture them into Talkpush.
Lead Ad App.png
To start using this feature, follow the stpes below:

Step 1 Connect your Facebook Page into Talkpush

Step 2a) Create Facebook Lead Ad (if you don't already have one)

Create an Ad Campaign and a Lead Ad connected to a Lead form that contains at least the following fields:

Step 2b) Locate the Ad ID

Step 3 Connect the Ad to Talkpush

Once you have the ID copied, head back to Talkpush, where we left off in Step 1)

Step 4 Wait for the Incoming applicants

All candidates that applied through the Facebook Lead Ad will all be invited for a Talkpush interview!!

Setup SMS Add Candidates

Setting up your Account with our SMS Add Candidate integration

To have a hotline setup with your account, contact your Account Manager via the in-app chat or email them. We have 2 types of hotlines available depending on the region you're in. Message us to find out more.

Sending the SMS

Once the hotline is setup with the account, all you need to do is to advertise the hotline along side with the campaign's ID which you will be able to find within each campaign.

SMS integration Screenshot 2016-06-14 17.36.46 (3).png

Setting up integratoin between Google Forms and Google Sheets with Talkpush

How to setup the google form properly
  1. Head over to Google Forms' site:
  2. Log-in if you haven't already
  3. Create a brand new form (edit questions to follow the structure below)
    • Question 1 has to be asking for the candidates' Full Name
    • Question 2 has to be asking for their Email
    • Question 3 has to be asking for their Phone Number
    • after these 3 questions, the following is optional
    • Question 4 has to be asking for their Location or Current Location
    • Question 5 has to be related to their Highest Level of Education
    • Question 6 has to be related to their # of years of experience
    • after this question, the following questions are only for running an ERP program
    • Question 7 will be for the referring employee's Name
    • Question 8 will be for the referring employee's Email
    • Question 9 will be for the referring employee's Phone Number
    • Question 10 will be for the referring employee's employeeID
    • Question 11 will be for the referring employee's account
    • after that, you may ask for any additional details for your record
  4. Once the form is setup, switch focus to the "Responses" tab form the "Questions" tab
  5. Look for a little "google spreadsheet" icon and click on it to "Create Spreadsheet"
  6. Upon the popup "Select response destination"
    • Choose the option "Create a new spreadsheet"
  7. You will be directed to the new google spreadsheet in a new window
  8. Copy the URL from the browser's address bar
  9. Paste the link back into Talkpush's Add Candidate - Google Form tab
  10. Click on "Submit"
  11. Authorize Talkpush to access your spreadsheet when you're asked to.
  12. You'll be redirected back to Talkpush's page afterwards and you're done
  13. Sit and wait for candidates to signup and be automatically invited!

Here are some tips on how you should hint your candidates to fill out the form:

How to setup the google sheet properly for Talkpush to parse

If you prefer to use a google sheet directly (Internal access between different recruiters)
You may do so, following the same google sheet format, as if they were created by a google form!
To do so,

  1. Make sure the 1st column of your sheet is either storing a timestamp in the same format as google, or is empty.
  2. Starting from the second column, it will follow the same order and structure listed above.
  3. Column header doesn't matter but the column order must be obeyed strictly
  4. Each row is a candidate, and you should never change the row order: New candidates should always be added following the last row on the list

**If you choose to manually edit the sheet, paste the information from an existing excel sheet. Typing it case by case may cause some system errors.

Adding a Google Form into your Facebook Page

The process below will describe how you can include a Google Form inside your Facebook Page as a Tab. This is how it will look:

googleform Screenshot 2016-06-13 17.06.12.png

Now here are the steps on how they can be done

Step 1 Create the Google Form

Create a Google Form [Follow our tutorial if you haven't done so already:]

Step 2 Create Facebook App to host Google Form

GF to FB Screenshot 2016-06-13 17.52.03.png

select canvas Screenshot 2016-06-14 10.52.38.png

type app name Screenshot 2016-06-14 10.58.15.png

Step 3 Install a 3rd party application that will allow you to display an iFrame inside your App

confirmation Screenshot 2016-06-14 12.44.45.png

select pagesScreenshot 2016-06-14 12.46.14.png

new tab Screenshot 2016-06-14 12.49.21.png

Step 4 Configure App to connect Google Form

Smart Filter (Auto Shortlist / Reject)

Talkpush is capable of filtering candidates, based on previously specified rules against their interview performance.

Interview performances are measured by a couple different key metrics within Talkpush:

The Smart Filter is capable of measuring a candidate's response against a single / multiple rules on each and every question they've responded to. With the few metrics above, and the limitless combination we allow you to implement, Talkpush enables you to streamline your screening process as much as you can with a few clicks.

To get started using the smart filter, navigate within a campaign and click on the smart filter menu item on the top right.
navigateScreenshot 2016-09-20 10.43.55.png

Once you're in, you'll see 2 sections:

To understand how to use this function, you'll need to know what each of these rows represents. Each row underneath a question section represents a rule. Each rule can be broken down into a few parts:

If you're like to shortlist candidates that have said "Yes" to a question that askes them if they have a valid passport/visa for this region, your rule would look like:

If you have more than 1 rule where you wanted a candidate that has a valid visa as well as knows how to speak English. You may ask in question 2 for them to list the languages they speak.
and your second rule would look like:

In order to combine the 2 rules, you can then use the Boolean expression above both rules, using

Here are some different ways you can use the boolean expressions:
Combo2Screenshot 2016-09-20 11.00.57.png
By Creating groups of rules and using the boolean expressions, you're saying: If the candidates satisfies

You can see here the combination is unlimited as long as you have perfect condition in mind for your perfect candidates, Talkpush will be able to handle all of that filtering for you, so you can process those that we've picked for you increaing your productivity and efficiency!

Auto Labelling done by Talkpush

  1. Duplicates
    We should you if a candidates has applied more than once to this campaign! It's your call to consider them or not, just make sure you hear them out!

  2. Shared
    We tag all the candidates that you've shared with your hiring managers so it's easier for you to find them again when you come back to the tool next day!

  3. Progress Labelling

    • Attempted
    • Partial

Manual Labelling

You can always label candidates yourself according to your needs. Simply select one (or multiple) and click on "Label" to add them to a label. A label acts like a dynamic folder, allowing you to access a group of candidates with the same label!

Informing the Candidates

Once a decision is made, it's of best practices to inform the Candidate

Shortlist/Reject - just let them know

Unified Inbox

The Unified Inbox is the new interface where you can see all past interactions between yourself, your team, the system and your candidates. Like many of your social media messaging apps, each candidate of yours will have a unified inbox so you can engage in real-time conversations with them, or see real time updates of there progress.

Accessing the Unified Inbox

Screenshot 2016-11-07 18.28.15 copy.png
To access the unified inbox (as of Nov 7), you may click on the envelop next to any candidate's conatact details (as shown above)

Understanding the Unified Inbox

Before we begin, we need to understand that there are 3 types of information that will appear here within the Unified Inbox:

unified inbox layout.png

Event Highlights or Status Updates

Event highlights are universal status updates or actions that happened. Since these actions are the same across campaigns, they're shown collapsed to avoid crowding your chat. If more details are available, you'll be able to click and expand to see details.
events highlights.png

Messages sent by recruiters in your team

These are messages that are sent from within the Talkpush tool. It can be from yourself or any of your team members who has access to this campaign. These messages can be sent via different platforms/channels:

Messages sent by candidate

These are messages sent by your candidates and then can come from various different platforms/channels. Where ever they're from, Talkpush consolidates them for you so you don't have to cross reference different channels just to keep track of 1 candidate.

unified inbox.png

Sending a Message via the Unified Inbox

On top of displaying messages sents by the system to the candidates, the Unified Inbox allows you and your team to send different types of messages to the candidates as well:

To select the message channel, click on the green icon:
sending messages.png
and select a channel (green = active)
sending messages copy.png

Once you've selected your message channel, type in your message in the field. You may use tokens such as the candidate's name by clicking on the tokens button as well: {}

sending messages copy 2.png

Unified Inbox - 2 way communication

Talkpush's Communication Channel Roadmap

Recruitment softwares have always enabled recruiters to keep their candidates updated by sending them an email regarding their application status or whether they've passed a certain stage of their process. While notifications are very efficient at keeping candidates updated, it creats too many email threads and recruites can't necessarily keep track of these emails/replies systematically for each candidate.

On top of creating a mess in logging communication history, it reduces the chance of the recruiter being able to reply to an email with all necessary information about the candidate leaving a lot of those emails/questions unanswered.

This is the reason why Talkpush is introducing its 2-way communication channels for recruiters to send real time updates to candidates, allow their reply to come through and for recruiters to respond to those questions real time

Talkpush's Channels in 2016

1way 2 way current.png

With Talkpush's channel expansion progress, we're proud to announce in the 4th quarter of 2016, we're able to offer 2 way communication via 2 channels both via a unified company account.

Talkpush's Channels in 2017

In the 1st quarter of 2017, Talkpush will expand it's channels into:

1way2way 2017.png

2-way SMS explained

Talkpush has always been capable of sending out SMS to all of your candidates as long as we have their phone number and it's connected to the network. However, these kind of SMS is sent to the candidates with a sender ID (usually a company name), which your candidates will receive as a "notification" and will not be able to reply to.

The newly introduced 2-way SMS can however, send any custom content to your candidates, with a dedicated phone number, which your candidates can send a reply to on any (smart) phone.

This new function will allow you to message your candidates through the Talkpush without having to use your personal device/number.
*2-way SMSes is only available if your company has it setup (has a dedicated phone number from Talkpush).

2-way Facebook Messages explained

Similar to 2-way SMSes, 2-way Facebook Messages allows you to send Facebook messages to your candidates via your company's Facebook Page as a Page admin. Note that this 2-way Facebook Message function will only work if your candidate came through the Facebook Messenger bot's application channel. This is due to privacy restrictions from Facebook. You're only allowed to message a candidate, if they've explicitly agreed to being contacted by applying.

This 2-way conversation branches off from the Facebook Messenger Bot application sequence which means once you initiate a 2-way Facebook Message, you will deactivate the company's Facebook Chatbot for this particular candidate so make sure your candidate has finished the interview before you initiate a chat or know how to reinitiate the interview.

Analytics Dashboard

Talkpush is determined to bring you more statistics and analytics to help you review and measure the success of your campaigns and your recruiters so you can review your performances and do better!

Accessing the Dashboard

To access the Dashboard, click on "Dashbaord" under the dropdown menu on the top right to get to that page.

Click here
click again

Date Range

The default date range is always 2 weeks to show you a decent amount of information without flooding the screen but you can always change it with the date range selection tool on the top left of the screen
date ragnge



The Graphs

There are 3 types of analytics we provide you with and it consists of different graphs we'll explain below.

  1. Campaign Performance
  2. User Performance
  3. Channel Performance

Campaign Performance (3 graphs)

1. Overview

An Overview to show you the 4 numbers below on the same graph to see the trend, the comparison between them:

2. Rate of Completion vs Rate of Shortlisted

Pass rate gives you an idea on the quality of the incoming candidates over time: Shortlisted / completed
Participation rate tells you the how many of the applied candidates are willing to complete the interview over time: completed / invited

3. Candidate Activity

Here it shows you the average number of completion at a certain hour of the day, give you an idea of when your candidates are most active at

Uers Performance (4 graphs)

User/Recruiter refers to yourself and your fellow colleagues. Talkpush

1. Processing Volume by Recruiter

This graph will show you how many candidates have been process broken down by your users. Indicating who's the most active recruiter

2. Processing Time by Recruiter

This will show you how responsive each on of your users are. The shorter the processing time, the more responsive the user it. The recommended maximum processing time is 24 hours.

3. Processing Time by Campaign

This will show you how long it takes for the candidates to be processed by your recruiters in respective to the days by campaign. The shorter the time is, the more responsive your recruiters are on the given day.

4. User Activity

This shows the total number of actions being taken over the time of a day or over a day of a week depending on which view you've selected simply showing you on an average, how are you recruiters's habit of work

Channel Performance (2 graphs)

Channel Overview

This tells you where are all your candidates coming from, you'll have to refer back to our sources of candidate section above to read up on the method of incoming candidates if you're not familiar with it

Total Candidate by Channel

This shows you the candidate's respective status by source. The more pending candidates in proportion should mean the least effective the channel but it's also dependent on the proportion of the channel itself to your whole picture. make the most out of the analytics to tell you more about your recruitment!